Umrah 360

Umrah, which simply means 'a visit' is a pilgrimage that can be performed by Muslims any time of the year in Mecca. Unlike Hajj, the Umrah is not compulsory but is highly recommended. According to Islamic belief, performing the Umrah makes one pious and strengthens one’s Islamic faith. Throughout the year, Muslims from all over the world visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia and perform the Umrah. Anyone who visits Mecca must perform the Umrah. According to statistics available at the Ministry of Hajj, 33,812,145 pilgrims visited Mecca to perform the Umrah between 2008 and Feb 1, 2015.

The Quran says: “From one Umrah to another is expiation for what comes in between, and ‘Hajj Al-Mabrur’ brings no reward less than Paradise.”

We bring you this unique experience of The Umrah in 360 degree video.